PUBG Mobile KR Version Download With OBB File

PUBG Mobile KR Version Download With OBB File



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One of the alternate versions of the well-known battle royale game is called PUBG Mobile KR Version Download With OBB File. It was created specifically for consumers in the Korean and Japanese markets and is distributed by PUBG Corporation. In addition, with an average of 1.2 million players online, Pubg Mobile KR has become a worldwide phenomenon. Undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2018 is Pubg Mobile KR. You can check the best Ml Diamond Injector for unlocking limitless in-game money.

Review PUBG Mobile KR Version With OBB File

The aesthetics and enjoyment of PUBG Korea are identical to those of PUBG Global. The primary medium of exchange is Donkasu Medals, which are required to open luxury boxes. Prior to the global edition of PUBG receiving any new upgrades, the Korean version is the first to receive them. Don’t worry if you previously installed the global version of PUBG; you can download and install the Korean version on the same device. Visit the link Play Store to learn more about the official company that developed this.

There are numerous localized versions of PUBG Mobile available. PUBG Vietnam, PUBG TW, PUBG KR, and PUBG JP are these. Here, we’ll talk about PUBG KR Version, the game’s Korean adaptation that Korean users can readily get from the Play Store. You must use your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts to sign in or play as a guest in this version. Some individuals have already downloaded and played PUBG Mobile KR APK + OBB on Android, however, they did it via emulators. This is a bad idea because installing an emulator on your phone might slow it down and quickly deplete the battery. You are also endangering the security of your smartphone.

What is PUBG Mobile KR version?

The goal of PUBG Mobile’s battle royale survival game is to be the last person standing as players compete against one another using a variety of weapons and materials. You can play in single-player, multiplayer, or squad game modes.

You may even use the microphone on your device to converse with your buddies while you are playing. Join the tribe or do it alone, but always pick up the phone when you need assistance. Different game scenarios made use of numerous vehicles and realistic weaponry.

Detailed Features of PUBG Mobile KR Version

PUBG is a multiplayer game with both team and one-on-one matches available for free to play.

Advanced Pickup Configurations

The extended collection setting in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 KR version is the most intriguing aspect of the most recent release. Players can specify their preferred props and settings thanks to this functionality. The player will then automatically equip this gear and scopes if they choose them.

Individualized Sensitivity Options

Players can now choose different sensitivity settings for each weapon thanks to this functionality. Players will benefit from not having to bother about changing their sensitivity levels and will be able to learn more about their adversaries.

Prehistoric Theme Mode

Visit the dinosaurs at Livik and Erangel to travel the world, you can ride dinosaurs like the T. Rex and soar with pterosaurs.

New Royale Pass

The new Royale Pass A1 contains materials to enhance melee weapons as well as upgradeable clothes that can change colors. You can gather and mix parts of modification material to obtain modification material.

Update for World of Wonder

World of Wonder creators are granted broader permissions. Those with creator permissions now have access to a system for creating maps. Therefore, use the navigational system to make your own map!

Companions with the Ability to Watch and Interactive Emoticons

In spectator mode, you can communicate with your friends by playing interactive emotes with them.

Battle Royale with 100 Players

Players of PUBG Mobile KR will get the chance to participate in a Battle Royale game. Approximately 100 actual gamers compete in this restricted environment until only one is left standing.

Discover Every Aspect of the Real PUBG Desktop Version

Players of PUBG Mobile KR will receive all of the components from the original PUBG PC version. You will have the chance to interact with the game’s elements and objects, and the control scheme is similar to that of the original PUBG. You may even go inside the structures, mount a variety of telescoping sights, get in your favorite car, scale walls, and administer first aid to children.

Enabling you to Customize the Controls and Graphic Details

Gamers can access the settings menu to modify different graphic detail levels based on their device’s capabilities. Even while seated at the wheel of a car or while moving their feet, one can alter the accessible controls.

Available in Team and Solo Modes

Players of PUBG Mobile KR can play the most recent KR version of the game in single and team modes. Particularly while playing in teams, players can use the microphone to speak with teammates.

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR Version?

The detailed instructions for downloading and installing the PUBG Mobile Korean version 2.0 update are given below:

  1. The links above allow you to download the most recent PUBG KR APK and OBB files.
  2. Install the PUBG KR APK file once it has been downloaded, but wait before starting the game.
  3. Go to Settings, Security, and Privacy, then Install apps from unknown sources, if the option has not been activated. You can skip this step if it has already been enabled.
  4. After installing the PUBG Kr APK, move the OBB file and paste it into the com.pubg.krmobile (or folder under File Manager, Android, and Obb.
  5. Open the PUBG Mobile KR game now, and it will download some files while updating (resources).
  6. Enjoy the most recent PUBG KR 1.5.0 Season 20 update after the upgrade is complete, restarts the apps, and requires account sign-in.


  • Nobody needs a VPN to play the game; anyone can do so from anywhere in the world.
  • Players from the global and kr versions can collaborate and compete against one another.
  • In contrast to the global version of PUBG Mobile, there are no leg issues or glitches.
  • You can view special goods like emotes, drees, skins, and other items through Crate in the royal pass on the international edition.
  • The event reward in the KR version is superior to that in the global version; you will receive a donkatsu medal that you can unlock a special crate by collecting four of them.


  • The worldwide version ID and the Korean version of the game cannot be linked together. To play the Korean version of PubG, you might have to create a new account.
  • Players in the global version cannot create clans for you to join, and vice versa.
  • For players of the worldwide version, you cannot request UC gifts (such as the Royale Pass).
  • Events from some or most worldwide versions won’t show up in Korean versions. Even if global events are not particularly rewarding, some of them may be helpful.
  • The lifespan of crates is 20–30 days. Rewards may return after a very long time if they are not claimed within the allotted time. Following the time period, fresh things are added to the list and placed in the designated crates.


Overall, PUBG Mobile KR is a fantastic rendition of PUBG Mobile. Pubg Mobile’s Korean version is far superior to the international version. Check out the bargains in that area of the store; you’ll be amazed. The money you would have spent on your UC would be saved here because practically everything is free.


Is Pakistan’s Pubg Mobile KR version secure?

Playing in Pakistan is completely secure. Although Pubg’s Korean version was developed specifically for Korea, many individuals in our nation play the Pubg Kr version on a regular basis.

Is it possible to play the worldwide version of Pubg on a mobile device?

Of course, the Kr version allows you to play against players from around the world.

Is a VPN required to play?

No, in order to play Pubg KR, no VPN is required.

Does it share any features with the original PubG desktop version?

Yes, every feature has been taken from the original PUBG desktop version.

Does it allow players to independently choose any weapon settings?

Yes, players can choose any weapon setting they choose based on their own needs and preferences.

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