NP Modz ML No Ban (Naruto PH) v1.11 Free Download for Android

NP Modz ML No Ban (Naruto PH) v1.11 Free Download for Android



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Mobile Legends (ML), an engaging smartphone game, has won the hearts of millions of gamers all over the world. It has gained popularity among gamers thanks to its intriguing characters and fun gameplay. One of the most popular modifications for Mobile Legends is the NP Modz ML, also known as Naruto PH Modz.

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What is NP Modz ML (Naruto PH)?

NP Modz ML, also known as Naruto PH Modz, is a custom modification for the popular mobile game, Mobile Legends. Developed by dedicated fans of the game, this mod introduces exciting enhancements to the original gameplay. NP is specifically designed to provide players with access to various premium in-game content for free, which otherwise would require considerable spending. Visit the play store site to learn more about the company and its developers.

The Features of NP Modz ML

Unlock All Skins

One of the most appealing features of NP Modz ML is the ability to unlock all hero skins without spending diamonds or real money. This feature allows players to personalize their favorite heroes with epic skins, making their gameplay experience more enjoyable and unique.

Battle Emotes and Effects

NP Modz ML offers an impressive collection of battle emotes and effects, adding an extra touch of style and excitement to in-game battles. Express yourself with a wide range of emotes and leave your opponents in awe with spectacular effects.

Inject Aimbot

The injector gives you full permission to unlock all the aimbots like, Auto Aim, Aim Scope, Aim Crouch, Auto-Fire, Aim Fav 360, Aim Spot, 1,2,3, and Aim Distance,

Eliminate Ban Risk

Players often worry about using mods as it can lead to account bans. However, NP Modz ML employs advanced security measures to ensure that users can enjoy the benefits of the mod without facing any ban risk. This dedication to safety has made it a trustworthy choice among the ML community.

Inject ESP Tricks

The tool has the feature to unlock all ESP menus including ESP info, ESP fire, ESP Grenada, and Car feature.

User-Friendly Interface

NP Modz ML boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to use for all players, even those who are not tech-savvy. The installation process is straightforward, ensuring that players can quickly get started with the mod and explore its features effortlessly.

Regular Updates

The developers of NP Modz ML are committed to providing consistent updates to ensure the mod remains compatible with the latest versions of Mobile Legends. This regular maintenance guarantees that players can enjoy uninterrupted access to new features and improvements.

Why NP Modz ML is a Game-Changer?

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

NP Modz elevates the overall gameplay experience by offering players access to premium content for free. This injector tool offers a wide range of skins, emotes, and effects. Players can enjoy a more immersive and enjoyable gaming journey.

Exploration of New Skins

Unlcok all the hero skins and newly introduce skins as well players can get immersive experiments with new looks for their heroes.

Safe and Ban-Free Gaming

This tool ensures that players can use the mod without worrying about account bans. The developers have taken significant measures to maintain the safety and integrity of players’ accounts, making it a trusted and secure mod.

How to Install NP Modz ML?

  • You must have a stable internet connection and sufficient storage space on your device.
  • Locate a reliable source for downloading the mod.
  • Download the mod file to your device.
  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings to install the mod.
  • Locate the file and click on the install button.
  • Follow the device screen options one by one to complete the installation of the mod.
  • Launch Mobile Legends and enjoy the enhanced gaming experience with NP Modz ML.


To sum up, NP Modz ML (Naruto PH) brings a new level of excitement and personalization to the Mobile Legends gaming experience. With the large collection of skins, emotes, and effects, players would enjoy the game in a unique way. However, users should always prioritize safety and download mods from trustworthy sources to avoid potential risks. So, Naruto Modz ML is undoubtedly a game-changer for Mobile Legends enthusiasts, enhancing their gaming journey and creating unforgettable moments on the battlefield.


Is NP Modz ML safe to use?

Yes, NP Modz ML is designed with safety in mind. The developers have focused on its safety and anti-cheat system, reducing the risk of account bans.

How often are updates released?

The developers of NP Modz ML release regular updates to keep the mod compatible with the latest versions of Mobile Legends.

What makes NP Modz ML different from other mods?

NP Modz ML stands out with its extensive collection of skins, emotes, and effects, making it a comprehensive and feature-rich mod for Mobile Legends.

Is it compatible with all devices?

NP Mod ML is compatible with most Android devices running Mobile Legends. However, users should verify the mod’s compatibility with their specific device before installation.

Can I revert to the original version of Mobile Legends after using NP Modz ML?

Yes, users can easily revert to the original version of Mobile Legends by uninstalling the mod from their device.

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